Connected by TCP is revolutionising Technical Consumer Products’ lighting portfolio and is

lighting the way for the LED home lighting industry.

Connected is an innovative smart home lighting system that furthers the energy savings already demonstrated by LED while also affording consumers enhanced home security. By introducing Connected to the home, consumers now have total control of their lighting from anywhere in the world via a tablet or smart phone app or PC.

Connected by TCP smart bulbs can be switched on or off, dimmed and even set to timers. Your lights can be programmed to turn on when you leave the office so you no longer have to come home to a dark house.

If you’re conscious of home security when away, Connected by TCP can be used to turn your lights on and off to create the appearance that you are at home. 

A truly exciting feature of Connected is that you can create your very own settings. Lights can be programmed into personalised themes, meaning that at a touch of a button all light in the room can be brightened for concentration or dimmed for relaxation.  TCP Connected truly enhances any room.

“Connected is a real game changer, and not just in lighting.” Says Amber McAfee, Product Manager at TCP. “It’s so simple to use and it’s a fantastic, truly visual, first step for people who are trying to create their own smart homes. It’s a really cool product.”

Set up is simple! With its retro-fit lamps there is no complicated integration process for Connected and lights can be ready to use within minutes. The gateway simply plugs into your internet router and the bulbs are a standard replacement. The app is incredibly simple and once its downloaded consumers can personalise the name of each bulb and photograph them in their fittings. There’s also a remote for when your tablet or smart phone is out of reach!