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TCP, isn’t that a mouth wash?

No, in fact TCP or Technical Consumer Products, is one of the top 10 LED light bulb manufacturers in the world.

We produce for some of the world’s biggest retailers but in their branded packaging. TCP’s head office is situated in Cleveland, Ohio but we have further sales offices dotted around the globe including our European headquarter in Corby, United Kingdom.

Our product development team is based in the US and China where products are then produced in one of our 3 fully-owned TCP factories. We are a 30+ year family run business which is passionate about lighting and it’s customers.

Do I have to use the TCP brand?

No, TCP have an in-house design team who specialise in leading you through the arduous task of creating your own brand, designing packaging, point of sales and online content.

The light bulbs category is in decline. How can you help?

Yes, it is true that overall light bulb sales are stagnating. LEDs last longer and a growing proportion of customers have them within their homes. There is however still a huge estate of consumer homes that have old technology or indeed first-generation LED lights to replace.

Moreover, lighting isn’t dead, the Pinterest / Tiktok influenced customer wants to re-create those scenes in their own home. Decorative bulbs, smart bulbs and other products that use light to enhance your space are in growth. Moving lighting from a commodity to a desirable category represents a huge opportunity.

I can source a bulb directly myself, why do I need TCP?

TCP supply each customer with over 300 individual products. Each product is different, and all require individual attention. They require individual testing and certification, packaging, demand forecasting, inventory management, promotion, and supply chain coordination.

Before they even leave our manufacturing facilities, they all need purchase order management, factory audits and quality inspections. Layer on top of that: In store execution, merchandising, domestic storage, outbound management and then the cycle starts all over again. Things can get a big hectic.

TCP has a team of account managers and inventory specialist who will collaborate with you and your team to delivery your category plans. They are supported through our in-house design, product and supply chain specialists. Sourcing a product is relatively simply but then working with a team of industry experts who own the process, get the job done and have your back is worth its weight in gold.

What is your position on MOV, MOQ and can you hold stock in the UK?

At TCP we approach MOQ and MOV similarly.

We have really low MOQ’s on all of our SKU’s. For those items that have a low rate of sale we offer a domestic holding services to ensure continued supply.

In relation to MOV we work with our customers to customise the most effective model for orders and delivery (domestic or direct from factory). Again, for our customers we never get to a position whereby we have to refuse an order.

I saw you do smart plugs, what other non-lighting products do you do?

At TCP we love products and want to continue bringing our customers more products that add value and that doesn’t have to stop at lighting. Some of these categories include electrical vehicle charging, heating, cookware, electrical, security, and pet tech.

Can you offer any in-store support?

We have a full in store merchandising service from FSDU builds, to stock inventory review and full scale range review changes. TCP also manufacture and install POS equipment.

How do you maximise sales of your TCP Branded products in store?

TCP offer our customers a full category management service, from market data analysis to customer insight sessions we formulate strategies and plans to really help our customers deliver sales growth and market share gains.

An example from a strategic plan could be great packaging. Our in house design team produce strong visual packaging which effectively communicates to the consumers the application of the product. With customised on fixture TCP Branded displays, we entice customers to explore and learn about our range of products.

What is your TCP Branded promotional strategy?

We build exciting plans with our customers through the year, particularly during peak season. Every year we challenge ourselves to introduce new product packs or fresh innovative features. The quick set up display units are an essential part of a successful promotion. Our skilled marketing team tie up the plan with a clever graphical communication package.

How do you maximise sales of your TCP Branded products online, do you have an online strategy, and a social media plan?

Online is a core part of our Category plans with customers. We review the competition to see who is winning online and make the relevant suggestions on ways our customers can improve.

We use our in house design team to create strong media content such as videos, lifestyle images to really help the consumer easily understand our products. We work with a number of key social media influencers to help promote our brand and our customer brands.

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